Threadcandy Thursday ……The mystery of the missing Colour Variations

Three of the mystery colours!


Thursdays are for all things threads and stitches! …….

Recently I was picking the threads for the next project and wanted to incorporate some of DMC’s lovely Colour Variations threads. I buy all my sample threads from and whilst looking through their Colour Variations range, found something odd which I must reveal!…..

As I was browsing through the colours, I discovered several colours that were not present on my shade card; in fact about 24 in all! Now for us thread sniffers this is a serious business, especially given so many of us rely on shade cards these days (RIP shops where we can physically see them!). I tentatively ordered a couple of the unfamiliar numbers half expecting the numbers to be wrong or perhaps those of an old or discontinued range but sure enough they arrived! Not only were the numbers correct but the wrappers were new and up to date and the colours were scrumptious!

I phoned the lovely girls at DMC to request an up to date shade card only to be met with consternation! Not only had the poor Loves never heard of the numbers but it seemed a shade card was equally elusive! After a couple of days trying to unravel (Sorry for the pun) the mystery it transpired that…..hold on to your seats!…..they were not on the shade card because they are not as popular…which is odd because if we don’t see them, we can’t make them popular and believe me, chaps you are missing out!

I therefore feel it is my public duty to my fellow thread sniffers to bring you the numbers, the colours of which are not shown terribly well (through no fault of their own) at sewandso…….get out there, order them and marvel at their utter beauty and let’s make them popular enough for DMC to get a new shade card out there  for everyone to see!

4000 ; 4017 ; 4022; 4042 ; 4047 ; 4066 ; 4068 ; 4069 ; 4072 ; 4073 ; 4095

4122 ; 4129 ; 4135

4205 ; 4211 ; 4212 ; 4214 ; 4237 ; 4245 ; 4250 ; 4255 ; 4260 ; 4265

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  1. How odd! You’d think if they sell them they’d be on the shade card!

  2. I know Samantha! Mad isn’t it?!

  3. No knowing how some minds work!!

  4. Judy Eberharter

    Wow, I love the Polar Ice (4017)! Thank you for listing the numbers!

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