Website Wednesdays!…Introducing ‘Jessica’


After trying to keep Blogs in the past, lack of time to do all the usual promoting and sharing rendered my attempts rather lame. I always knew that the only way I would really enjoy keeping one was with my own web site. Nearly 6 years after starting Maggie Gee Needlework my experience selling on Ebay and Etsy gave me the confidence to stand on my own two feet and sell my beautiful kits in my own right!

In celebration I have launched my new kit ‘Jessica’ which I loved sewing!


Many of my Sewing Chicks have started from ‘Beginner Blossoms’ and worked their way through my designs and so I must always think of cunning ways to add to their stitch repertoire which is why Jessica is a circular design – after all if you are going to sew yummy Bullion flowers once, you may as well sew them 4 times over!

Those of you Lovelies heading over from FB will know (Sorry you’ve heard this before!) that this kit is named after my second cousin. The story goes that a couple of years ago she posted on FB that on a trip to B&Q there was no paint colour named after her! I remembered it and so vowed that the next appropriate design would be given her name! Given Jess’s hair is often green, she approved the choice of colours dedicated to her but I have suggested she puts her time to good use on her next visit nicking all the paint shade cards (she is a talented cartoonist!) which come in jolly useful for artist and designer alike! I have to say though that my poor partner was utterly mortified at my thiefdom!

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