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When I design a piece I have some general idea about what I want to achieve but I must confess the finished product comes of trial and error, happy accident or as with the flower I was working on this weekend, problem solving!

The popularity of the ‘Maud’ & ‘Alice’ kits has been a delight to me that I thought it was high time to introduce a companion to them. This design will be full of fun dimensional stitches that will I hope thrill seasoned embroiderers and challenge the more adventurous.
This weekend I started on the big flower, the aim being that I worked the flower in Cast On stitches beginning with small ones at the base and getting bigger towards the outside. I found however that the largest petal was far too big; not only would the stitch wraps be hard to keep on a needle for anyone attempting it as a kit, but the stitch itself looked a bit…well ‘stringy’.

I sat and thought and came up with the idea of splitting each petal down the middle with a Bullion Stitch and then turning the Cast On Stitches sideways to fill each side of the petal. This worked beautifully and I was really pleased with the result! Sometimes just working a stitch in another direction can produce some surprising and imaginative patterns. I haven’t finished this flower yet but  working the Cast On Stitches this way, also leaves the possibility to add a bead or sequin in the gap at the top of each petal!

I have marked in the picture where I have started and finished each Cast On Stitch with ‘A’ at the top of the Bullion Stitch and ‘B’ going in below the Bullion Stitch.  I’ve written tomorrows blog post ( see this weeks Threadcandy Thursday) early to show you how to work Cast On Stitch and then you will understand these letters more!

I have worked the Bullion Stitch with all 6 strands of stranded cotton and wrapped it 15 times. I used the same for the Cast On stitches as this was thicker than using a  Perlé 5 thread. I used 12 wraps for each stitch here. The whole stitch is actually much easier than it looks so give it a go!!


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    will make people think. Also, thank yⲟu for aⅼlowing me tо commеnt!

  2. And thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Lovely to see you! Magsx

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