Website Wednesday…..In celebration of the Straight Stitch!

When I designed the Beginner Blossoms kit a couple of years ago I think I underestimated the power of the simple Straight Stitch! Not only has this design encouraged hundreds of you to pick up the needle but to my delight has also inspired many variations. You have added beads, sequins, different stitches entirely and mixed the stitches together.

I think it is a telling insight into our innate creativity. Since the earliest origins of man there has been a reflex within us to use thread in one form or other. From simply using animal gut threaded through a bone to piece together clothing or produce cover from the elements to weaving wool to produce fabrics and woven hangings for warmth. Depictions of events or decoration on elaborate religious vestments saw sewing credited with it’s own title and embroidery itself esteemed in the exquisite costumes of the wealthy

Yet from the humblest design, the simple Straight Stitch is where it all starts, isn’t it? It may be sewn long or short, wide apart or close, or in zig zags or stars. Worked behind one another they became Stem Stitch and diagonally they became Cross Stitch and worked next to each other whole pictures can be produced. Placed together in a row, Straight Stitches could become woven through or made into knots or cleverly wound around to become Bullion Stitches. Of course this did not happen over night but you get the idea!

So it is that as I progress through¬† my current piece full of intricate woven stitches, I have come to think that another simple pattern is worthy of production and have set about working on another design that goes back to basics and celebrates the humble Straight Stitch once more!……..

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