Monday Musings……..Memories in Stitches

My first project at primary school aged 9


When my dear Grannie died my mother asked me if there was something I wanted that belonged to her. I had two simple requests. One was her much worn hooped hearings containing several hoops of differing interchangeable colours. The other were the two rather tatty patchwork bedspreads which adorned the beds my sister and I slept in on visits from when we were children and much older!

To granny, my mother and aunt each patch was the recollection of the many dresses Grannie had both made and places and times each were worn but to me they were the remembrance of two weeks of certainty of routine ; of my grandfather making breakfast to Radio 4’s Today programme, tea on the Willow pattern china and the chime of the clocks throughout the long days colouring , being played music or taken to places that left me an indelible love of history and architecture. The exposure of my grandparents vast library reflecting their many and varied interests was most certainly the place where my hobbies took root.

Embroidery too evokes nostalgia in so many and hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear beautiful stories of ‘the patterns my mother used to sew’. Sewing throughout the ages has been synonymous with feminine  nurturing, creativity as well as repairing the old and healing. I certainly think those of us who have been through some sort of recovery know that any kind of needlework has restorative powers!

I was looking through some old pictures the other day and was delighted at how many pictures I had of past projects that depicted parts of my life. I found a cushion drafted with the paw prints of my beloved terriers, a sampler of the caravan I lived in and my very first project from the age of 9 amongst some.  I was also slightly ashamed that many lay unfinished due to the business, still folded up in a drawer!  For this Monday Musing I thought I would share a few and hope this prompts you to look out a few of your own……and perhaps finish them!


The Roma caravan I lived in for 6 years…..The trees depict Borthwood Copse (one of my favourite places) in the Autumn


One of my Terriers – Ella! – who loved to dig!

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  1. OMG Maggie the house is soooooo amazing! I wish you could do a kit with that , its stunning!

  2. LOL! Thank you so much! I must admit I loved doing it! It sits on the wall of my studio!

  3. Gill and Barney. xxx

    Loved reading your blog Maggie. Very nostalgic. Patchwork, to me, should be old materials that hold memories. Loved the house.It looks like a little roundhouse.I did XStitch once of a Roundhouse in Devon.They were round so there was no corners for the devil to hide !!!!

  4. Gill and Barney. xxx

    Loved the house too. It looks like a Roundhouse. Went to Devon once and did a cross stitch of one of the Roundhouses in a little village. They were round so the devil had no corners to hide in !

  5. Judy Eberharter

    LOL, I love the Roundhouse idea! And Maggie, I have a terrier now who loves to dig! The backyard is full of holes.

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