Free Convolvulus PDF Instructions

I was looking through some pictures of my old shop whilst editing the web site and came across this lovely picture of the Pearsell’s silk I used to stock. Sadly although the name still exists, the silk doesn’t but this picture brought to mind a couple of projects I embroidered with them. One of them was a silk shaded Convolvulus design.

Although the project in itself is quite advanced I thought how much you may like it and so have set about sharing it with you (Fingers Crossed!)……I have placed the instructions into several PDF files. I have had to do this due to the constraints of File size so I hope you will forgive the rather odd formats! They aren’t as detailed as my kits but I am sure you will be able to follow regardless!

The Files : All PDF and should open in Adobe


Thread Numbers

1. Preparation

2. Silk Shading Instructions

3. What goes Where!

4. Stitch Glossary



I have only used DMC numbers and left the old Pearsell’s silk numbers lest any of you have some left in your stash! You can find Anchor conversions easily online.

The instructions use a low resolution picture so follow the one above for a clearer image!

You can make the template as big or as small as you like but as I recall the original design was about 6 inches high. If for any reason you have problems getting the Template PDF then just print off the picture and and trace the outline.

Ignore the rather obscure white arrows in the silk shading diagrams! Credit to these diagrams goes to those in an old book by Erica Wilson simply because they are so clear.

I have used silk dupion  but linen is just as nice, if not nicer for this design actually! With hindsight I don’t think I would have used a coloured silk if I was re-stitching it!

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  1. Nicole Gélinas

    You have great design. It say free PDF instructions. I do not find link where I could download it. Thank you. Nicole

  2. Hi Nicole! Click on the headings under the Title saying ‘here are the pdf files’ (Or similar!!) and each will open! Hurrah!

  3. 722181 696824very good put up, i definitely love this web site, keep on it 538753

  4. Tried many times to download rage PDF but there doesn’t appear to be a link – has it been removed?

  5. Hi Jill! I’ve checked all the links and they seem to be working fine so I think it may be your device. If you are trying to download from your phone there might be a download capacity problem so try your laptop. Mags x

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