Tuedsay Tidy : Elizabethan Pattern from a 1938 Needlecraft magazine

This week I have been having a scout through some of my old Needlecraft magazines and think I have several years worth of patterns to share with you!

I think one of the most striking things I notice is how ageless so many of the designs are! This one comes from January 1938 and is for an Elizabethan fire screen but it could be used for anything. The page shows the design and how to work it but of course this is up to you! Just trace the OUTLINE of the design for your pattern.


With a bit of Tracing paper or clear projector acetate and a permanent pen, trace the design. Upsize it by  photocopying the design to the size you require.


Scan the design into your computer. Crop the design. Then place the design into a Publisher publication, size it up and  print it off. Again it can be scaled via your printer.

A little trick If you don’t have an A3 Printer and want a big design for a cushion : If you place your picture into an Excel (Spreadsheet) Document and make the picture bigger, you’ll be able to see the number of A4 page sections. Print them off, and then sellotape them together!

Just CLICK ON THE HEADING BELOW to download the page 

Elizabethan Firescreen 2








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