Reasons why you should take up Embroidery in 2018 (QVC Style!)

I have a dark secret …..I LOVE watching QVC Shopping Channel! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no shopaholic but as a bit of a retail nerd (as well as an embroidery one) I find it not only strangely calming in the background (It’s Nina Leonard fashion on at the mo!), but I have unwittingly found my inner sales person.

I was a bit of a shrinking violet when it comes to actually ‘selling’ my kits but I suddenly realised over a period of time it had taught me more about selling techniques by listening and watching the presenters than any business webinar ever could. So where is this leading I hear you shout?… As a new year begins it is that time we all make promises to get fit or lose weight or try a new hobby. So…putting my newfound salesperson to the fore I am going to tell the newcomer why they should choose embroidery as their new hobby for 2018!

To be honest I don’t know where to start given embroidery will enhance your life in so many ways! I define embroidery as anything that uses thread, fabric and a needle! For a start let’s look at those New Years Resolutions.

Swap your addictions!
If you are trying to ignore the last of the chocs, trying to not to light up or long for the trickle of wine into a glass, fret no more! Pick up a needle! I guarantee your attention will be gripped to the detriment of everything and everyone around you and develop a pelvic floor to be envied as you put off going to the loo ‘after I’ve finished this colour…..then this colour…..then this colour…’. You get the picture. The fact is you will soon swap an addiction to donuts or fags to sewing and become 3 stone lighter or nicotine free in no time at all! So forget those 5 a day’s ; embroidery is excellent for the health. Now I admit there are those exercise freaks who may tell you it can be a bit sedentary, but quite frankly that is rubbish! You can also sew whilst walking around and wearing gym gear!

Mental Wellbeing!
Any creative pastime is well documented to enhance metal wellbeing. How could it not?! You are working with colour! You will develop the magical habit of ‘thread stroking/sniffing’, spending hours re-arranging your growing thread collection (OK so I didn’t say embroidery was good for your bank balance), and buying ‘pretty’ boxes to keep them in! The completion of your first project will see you well on the path to embracing embroidery and your confidence and self-esteem will grow as you start finding joining all the embroidery groups on Facebook and Instagram and meeting other wonderful embroiderers. (In fact you may wonder how we ever get any stitching done at all given we such a friendly bunch!) Not only will your mental health improve but your vocabulary will start expanding! You will learn valuable words like ‘Stash’ and ‘French Knot’. It is good for the brain too as you tackle more stitches and decipher the stitch instructions or follow charts that require counting! You will travel too! There are Stitching shows all over the UK and you may end up making embroidery your religion and take the annual pilgrimage to Alexander Palace in London every Autumn!

Combat Stress!
Embroidery of any kind is therapeutic from the point of view that it is calming and enables you to wind down and de-stress. The years will fade away and lines and wrinkles disappear! It is you time; an excuse to grab some space and time for yourself and wind down whilst creating something gorgeous and lasting.

It improves your reasoning Skills!

Those around you may notice your sudden change since you started your new hobby but you will find your reasoning skills will have found a newfound confidence worthy of any University Debating Society. You may be accused of disregarding the housework but you will argue that ‘a tidy house is the sign of a boring person!’. My friend Maxine is a consummate professional when it comes to reasoning and I credit her with equating untidiness with ‘stifling creativity!’ (Nice one Maxine!) Quite right! Those around you may moan about tripping over your increasing kit and thread collection but you will suggest that your children may like the company of a shared room and give one over to your own stitching room. Even better, you may suggest that the garden would be enhanced by a Summer House……for you! Dull shopping trips to sports shops suddenly have a new slant as you Google stitching shops first and tell the kids to take their time whilst you nip round the corner! (Now notice I didn’t add DIY shops in there – that’s because you can linger around the storage and tool box section to see if anything can be utilised for your embroidery!). These are but a few occasions your reasoning skills will suddenly present themselves!

And finally……It’s Cool!
Sick of buying champagne glasses and silver spoons for all those weddings and christenings? Embroidery is the answer! No more will you be agonising over those special presents! Now you can create unique samplers, wow your mates and have one over your smug sister-in-law who always seems to trump you with that ‘special’ gift. Embroidery is cool!

To Conclude

So there you go; get thin, improve your pelvic floor, expand your travel and vocab, mental wellbeing and get chilled whilst not doing the housework, nurturing your inner creative and being adored by the mother-in-law ever since you made that 50th Wedding Anniversary sampler. The past few years has seen a huge rise in the popularity of sewing of every kind and now you can see why, so make the first and best decision you’ll make of 2018 and take up Embroidery!

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  1. Judy Eberharter

    Love this, had me lol-ing!

  2. Ann courtney

    What a great writer you are! And such a salesperson that I’m off to find that pattern I bought right before the holidays— surely it’s in there somewhere!! Thanks for a great read!

  3. LOL! So glad you enjoyed it Anne! It must be under that pile somewhere….perhaps you need a Summer House?!!!XXX

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Judy! Mxxx

  5. Gill and Barney. xxx

    Love your blogs Maggie. This one made me laugh. I so want a Summer House, Girl Cave, whatever we want to call it. Sending love xxx

  6. Hi Gill Darling!
    Well you’ll have to get those reasoning skills up to scratch! I think Barney needs one too!!! Mxxxxx

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