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Starter Threads  & Needle for :

Summer Sunset* ; Dmc Cols 792-891-893-3354-156-209-153-211-471
Winter Sunrise* ; Dmc Cols 720-720-3824-3854-741-967-742-3713-760-3348
Berry Turquoise ; Dmc Cols 3844-3846-915-316-209-581
Vintage Whispers* ; Dmc Cols 915-316-743-158-327-742-211-209-745-3347
Sunshine Fossils ; Dmc Cols 931-3753-347-743-3854-471
Lavender Blue : Dmc Cols 327-209-3688-3832-156-470

These are the Starter Threads & needle for The Concept Kits and can be seen  pictured in the main pictures.
You are given 5* colours and a green but to get the most out of the kit you will enjoy picking more shades of your own.

*These Kits have Bullion Roses ion them and I have added more colours


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