Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions

Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions
Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions
Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions
Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions
Retro Sparkle (Lights) Complete Kit & Instructions
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RETRO SPARKLE Embroidery Kit
If you want to learn more stitches, then this is the kit for you!

It contains 18 stitches and has a little bit of everything from woven stitches like the Woven Picot petals and fluffy Turkey Stitch to decorative knotted stitches like Coral Stitch and Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch, as well as the staples of embroidery like Satin and Chain Stitch. There are lovely variegated threads and as well as Stranded Cotton, Perlé 5 is also incorporated in this design. A modern twist is added with gorgeous sequins to finish. Once you have completed this design you will feel confident to go on and explore other techniques!

First off......Who are you buying from?

My name is Mags and I design and assemble my kits at my studio on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Your experience from purchasing to finishing your kit is the most important thing to me and I am very proud of the Five Star/100% Feedback I have achieved on the platforms I have sold from since 2o13. I am always on hand to help and encourage through e-mail or my Facebook page (Maggie Gee Needlework).This is an independent web site and is not affiliated with Amazon, Ebay or similar so both the product and service you receive is outstanding.

Let me tell you about this Kit!
Retro Sparkle contains the finest Dmc threads and Transferred Irish Linen fabric , backing fabric and details about how to prepare your piece as well as how to prepare it for mounting and framing. You have the correct sized needles and the threads are pre-sorted onto cards and I even enclose a Needle Threader. My kits are famed for the clarity of their instructions which are fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs and take you step by step through each process. Everything is there for you! Packed in good quality cellophane bags my kits make lovely presents and you don't spend a fortune on unnecessary postage!

Pattern Size approx. 23cm x 23cm.......My Designs fit into a 10in hoop.
OTHER COLOUR WAY : RETRO SPARKLE (Bright Tones) See Listings.

Complete Beginner? No Problem!....BEGINNER ADD ON INSTRUCTIONS:
If you are new to embroidery, I have produced a second set of instructions for £1 extra which can be ordered with this kit. This is a 6 page introduction to embroidery where you'll learn how to bind hoops, tell needle types, threads, and get my top embroidery tips.
If you are ordering 2 Kits, you will only need 1 set! Likewise of you are ordering a 'Beginners Blossom' Kit, you won't need these either!

I'm just letting you know...

....about the fabric... The design is transferred onto the linen but I have enclosed the pattern template and instructions for tracing onto the fabric, should the pattern be too faint. The transfer does not wash off because the idea is to sew over the lines.

I use linen which is a natural, (eco)fabric spun from the long fibres found in the stems of the Flax plant. It is recognisable by its sudden and irregular thickening of threads which leave 'slubs' in the fabric much like Silk Dupion. This is seen as one of Linens many beautiful qualities and not a defect. Likewise, because it is a natural fibre, it creases easily but this will be dealt with in the comprehensive instructions.

.... If you want plain fabric...No probs! Message me within 12 hours of your order and I will send plain fabric. hoop is included...I'm sure I don't need to tell you the hoop is NOT included in the kit!! (See Notes Below)

....picture colours may vary... colour reproduction of my pictures depend on your device screen! Likewise my camera and lighting may catch colours differently but with the exceptions of creams looking a bit paler, I work hard to make sure my colours are accurately reproduced in my listings.

.... Instructions are written in ENGLISH... I do NOT offer Digital Downloads for translation and therefore it is up to you to seek your own translation from the written instruction.

Here' some useful stuff about hoops and frames!
When learning embroidery properly using both hands means that you are free to manipulate the threads. A simple hand held embroidery hoop clamped in a stand is great and a nice cheap way to start.If you are really keen however Elbesse do an excellent one which comes with a standard 10’ hoop. There are two styles; a hoop with a clamp for a table, or one with a base to fit under the leg so that it can be used on your lap. You’ll find them online or any good sewing shop and they should cost under £20 ($29) A word of caution ; If you are buying a Table clamp, make sure the lip of your table edge is square and less than 2 inches deep for the clamp to attach properly. Further details are in my instructions.

Here's some generally useful stuff to know!
Embroidery is not an instantaneous hobby! Your kit materials will complete the design, but you will need other items such as thread to sew on your backing fabric, a frame (already explained), pins and an ironing board, full details of which are described within the kit. I have written this note just in case you plan to take your kit on holiday and are new to sewing of any kind and have not yet had fun acquiring the basics required for the hobby , a list of which can be found in any good sewing book or Internet site prior to starting.

For all questions about postage and order processing see FAQ’s!


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